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Nearly all buyers seek for a second opinion from a trustworthy source whenever possible. They do this out of the need to not only protect themselves from mediocre services or products, but also to find good products and services. It is for this reason that we have companies like the Consumer Report magazine surviving this long. There is an insatiable demand for reviews about companies, products, customer experience forecasting, and ratings.

In e-commerce, the bug for this type of consumer centered information is still at an all-time high. Companies doing high scale online sales have invested billions to develop customer review systems that can be trusted by their potential buyers. Unfortunately, companies offering essay writing services have been unable to offer these reviews as part of their package for one reason or another. This has led to the large number of complaints in their industry.

Students as consumers on essay selling sites

Students have a huge number of school commitments that make it hard for them to catch up on their homework, essays, lab reports, thesis, etc. Online essay writing services come in handy when students want someone to write their essays for them. When they pay their money these companies for a service, they automatically become consumers. Like their mainstream counterparts, they should be protected or at least, informed about who they buy from, or what they buy.

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Why the online essay selling industry needs reviews

A simple search for essay writing companies reveals hundreds of thousands of websites. These companies continue to proliferate with each passing day. The hart rick is the lack of consumer reports touching on this industry which makes room for cons as well as essay scams. With reviews written on various service providers, it will be easy for consumers to tell the difference between dedicated service providers from rogue ones. is here to help users identify great essay writing services.

How it works as the name suggests deals with reviews about essay writing companies. To make our platforms, we have a ranking system designed to work according to consumer feedback. If a company is ranked high on this website, it means there are high ratings for it from their past customers. We also take time to check out essay writing companies on our own. Ensure that you have gone through each of the summaries we share about each essay writing company today.